experience excellence

We specialize in CAN based systems

Over 20 years experience in develop and manufacturing of electronic systems and products towards the vehicle industry. Great experience of supplying the best possible solutions. A personal treatment to serve your needs and understand your wishes and being a long term partner. We work closely with a few sub-suppliers / partners to be able to give the best possible knowledge and latest expertise.

Production within EU and capability of production volumes up to 100.000 units/ year

What we do

We take care of the whole chain

Research and Development (R&D)

We offer our customers a complete solution from the preliminary study to the completed product. With our competence in both software and hardware design we can from the beginning create a well reasoned path for the process and avoid time consuming delays. Adapt knowledge from many decades of experience and requirements from some of the most difficult branches.

Test and Certification

Most electronic products today intend to be very advanced and complex. It is therefore important to design to meet the requirements and test along the development process. Requirements for certifications are often many. We have experience and knowledge for the topic. Many branches and countries have unique legal requirements that has to be meet. To understand and know this from the initial phase is key since the development has to be adapt. To have the correct certification for the right market is key, leave the testing and certification to us.


Reliable and well proven supply chain is key to meet high requirements. Control of the different processes and logistics to create lean production and the most value. Monitoring of Constant developing and adapting to new trends and requirements.

Product Management

We always aim to be your long term partner and therfore design and construct the products so they can be produced for decades. Using realiable resources for maintainces, well structured documentation of procces, revision updates and monitor ingoing components and their lifecycle. Warehouse campability to store your products and deliver directly to your factory or customers.